The most user friendly and powerful vehicle search platform built locally for the Jersey community

Search Features

Advanced Search Powerful advanced search enabling buyers to filter vehicle results by any specification.
History Never scroll past a listing and loose it. Revisit what vehicles your have viewed.
Watchlist Curate a list of vehicles when searching and return to them for a more detailed review.
Saved Searches Fed up of repeating yourself. Create one-click custom searches.
Vehicle Alerts Get hourly email alerts on new vehicles based on your search preferences.
Nearest Dealer Locate your nearest dealer anywhere on Jersey and go visit.
Advanced Search
Advanced Search Filter search results from a complete set of pre-defined vehicle specifications. There's no need to type 'Mercedes-Benz' each time here. Just select your options with one click from each dropdown.
History All to often on some websites you can never find that post you saw again. On we save your last 30 vehicles so that you can revisit at anytime.
Watchlist Users can watch up to 12 vehicles when searching and filtering vehicles for sale. Watchlists can be filtered by category and ordered by recently watched, highest price, lowest price, age and mileage.
Saved Searches Create custom saved searches based on any criteria, edit the name at any time and perform one click searches from the saved search dropdown. Users can create up to 5 saved searches.
Saved Search
Vehicle Alerts
Vehicle Alerts By enabling alerts on your saved search you will recieve an email whenever and new vehicle is listed that matches your criteria.
Nearest Dealer When on a mobile you can find the nearest dealer from the home page where ever you are in Jersey, check out their latest vehicles for sale and then go visit.
Nearest Dealer

Detailed Listings

Service & Warranty Highlight Full Service History or any warranties still valid.
Enhanced Gallery Browse multiple vehicle photos, launch full screen slideshow and zoom & pinch.
Summary Complete vehicle summary provides a consistent user browsing experience.
Key Specifications Up to 10 user tagged key specifications that highlight the listing.
Full Specification Free text for added all extra options and information about vehicle.
Dealer/Seller Messaging Easy Messaging and Call buttons always visible on each listing.
Service & Warranty Vehicles can be tagged with manufacturer warranties and full service history. Dealers can also highlight whether a finance option or part exchange is available.
Enhanced Gallery Browse multiple high quality photos through our enhanced full screen gallery. Buyers can choose autoplay or inspect each photo with zoom enabled features.
Summary Every listing must include all the key summary points which gives the buyer a consistant experience across all listings. A user can search and filter each of these summary fields through our advanced search.
Key Specifications The list of specifications these days on vehicles are neverending. Sellers can highlight 10 specs that may improve the selling power of this listing.
Key Specifications
Full Specifications
Full Specifications Sellers can add the vehicles full specification and any other notes that the buyer may be interested in reading about.
Dealer/Seller Messaging Email dealers/sellers directing with few clicks with our custom built contact form. Why wait for an email reply, just click call and speak to the dealer/seller asap.

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